We Are Barcelona is born from my desire to know and feel a city through the eyes and lives of the actual people who live in it. With great pleasure we share with you here 50 portraits of Barcelona. The stories behind these faces shall be revealed over the coming weeks and months. Make sure to register here so that you can receive updates as we publish.

We Are Barcelona is motivated by my belief that today more than ever it is cities rather than nations that shall lead the way forward if humanity is to successfully make peace with itself and the planet.

In an age when we hear much about the ‘smart city’, We Are Barcelona sings loudly from the rooftops that the citizen is the most precious, sophisticated and ‘smart sensor’ that any city will ever have.

We Are Barcelona is just the first footstep in refocusing our understanding of a city through the lens of those who truly define it: its own citizens.

We Are Barcelona is determined to amplify the untapped synergetic power of citizens to reach out to other citizens from within their own cities as well as to discover citizens in other cities worldwide with whom they would like to co-think together, to co-create opportunities or to innovative start-ups for the benefit of themselves and the entire city.

We Are Barcelona represents a small step towards translating those synergies into successful projects and thereby to discover not what - but whom - are the greatest assets of any city.

And if you do live in Barcelona, we warmly invite you to apply to join We Are Barcelona with your portrait and story. Please contact us here.

David Solomon Founder Thinking Cities



We are the first 50 faces of We Are Barcelona and we warmly invite you to join us with your photographs, stories, and inspired ideas to help make our city an even greater place to live!

Aitor Macias
Valencia, Spain | JUN 1979
Ania Bech Vilaseca
Barcelona, Spain | NOV 1989
Anna Bosch
Barcelona, Spain | JUN 1958
Aurelie Salvaira
Lavelanet, France | SEP 1978
Cenane Yetnayet Kebede
Harar, Ethiopia | SEP 1999
Cristina Garrido
Barcelona, Spain | JAN 1983
Daniel Hires
Seoul, Korea | AUG 1982
David Solomon
London, UK | JAN 1965
Five Swedish miles beyond Adis Ababa, Ethiopia | 1996


The success of We Are Barcelona will be determined by you choosing to get involved and participating. We welcome your ideas and inputs and invite you to register your desire to have your own story, photographs, media join the portraits and stories of the first 50.